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Moose on the Loose in Rocky Mountain National Park

Bull Moose at Sheep Lakes

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of my favorite places on Earth. I guess you could say it’s my happy place. Not only does it feature majestic mountains, lovely green valleys with meandering rivers and streams, and unique geologic features, but it’s also home to some of the most iconic wildlife on the planet. Each time I point my van in the direction of the park I feel giddy with excitement. I never know for certain what I will see. I only know it will be an amazing adventure every time.

It’s been years since I’ve had more than just a few hours to spend exploring the park, and I am so grateful to have this time again. Even better, this time my son, Josh, joined in the adventure. We camped at Glacier Basin and spent the days hiking, watching wildlife, and cooking our favorite foods al fresco. I truly don’t think it gets better than that.

Anyone who spends any time at all in Rocky Mountain National Park knows moose are elusive. It’s a rare treat, indeed, to see one, and usually only reserved for those willing to get up very early in the morning. So, it was particularly exciting when, mid afternoon, one literally strolled right in front of my van and then headed for Sheep Lakes. And he was gorgeous. Look at that rack!

Trotting right in front of me

As you might imagine, a moose sighting causes quite a stir among park visitors. In no time, there were dozens of people watching and photographing this bull as he feasted on the tender grasses in the lake. We sat and watched him for quite a while, grateful for the opportunity to see such a beautiful animal in his natural habitat.

If you get the chance to visit Rocky Mountain National Park, be on the lookout for moose. They are sometimes spotted in and around Sprague Lake but can appear anywhere, just like this handsome fella.

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